I've been using Mosquito Militia for over a year now! They have treated the inside of my house for regular pest control, I get my yard sprayed for weeds from them, and I use their Mosquito treatment outside. I am more than happy with them! They show up when they are supposed to and they do a great job! The staff is easy to work with and always super friendly, HIGHLY recommend them!

Taylor Morris

April 2018

Evan and his crew have maintained my pest indoor and outdoor for years. I love that it’s organic and better for my family especially my son as hand runs around barefoot all the time. The mosquito treatment has extended the time we get to enjoy our outdoor living space. Also, anyone that’s come to my home was polite, respectful, and clean cut. I’ll continue to use them for years to come!

Lori Wohl

April 2018

I am very grateful to Evan and his team for taking such good care of my home and family when it comes to our pest control needs. They provide personalized service to come up with the best pest solutions for you. They are thorough! and spend very close attention to every detail of your home that needs pest control. Most of all, I really appreciate that they care and work so hard to help their customers. Thank you!

Karla Schwarz

May 2018

Great company, great service! Owner really cares about his customers. I recommend Mosquito Militia to all of my own clients who are also extremely mindful of the chemicals or natural based products sprayed in the yard or home to deter pests. As a pet owner and father of young children I am comforted knowing the owner has done his research in the products he chooses to treat with. I will only use this company. Highly recommended.

Sam Vivona

May 2018

Have been happy (and relieved) not to have to deal with mosquitos since we started having MM come spray our house. Plus I feel safe letting my kids and dogs in the yard the same day MM sprays. Great group of folks.

Samonia B.

Mar 2017

Evan has always been on time and his spray works great. It smells like peppermint and is organic. We never see any spiders or any bugs months after he sprays our house. He give us helpful information to help keep unwanted visitor between sprayings. Evan is professional, knowledgable and guarantees his work. I would and have suggested him to everyone.

Stacy W.

Mar 2017

They came and sprayed for weeds and I wasn't very impressed and contacted them. they came right back out and resprayed. Weeds are dying and I'm expecting my yard to look good. They were very professional, courteous, and eager to meet my yards needs for a good price. I would use them again.

Chase O.

Mar 2017

We are so pleased with our lawn. At the beginning of last year, we thought we might have to start from scratch. Evan designed a plan that took my lawn from an embarrassment to something that I am proud of. We use them for all of our lawn and pest control needs.

Clifton P.

Mar 2017

These guys are awesome. This last summer was amazing not having to deal with the bites and the yard has never looked better. Thanks!!!!!!

Zachary N.

Feb 2017

It's the time of year to beging thinking about our lawns and all the annoying critters that come with the spring. Don't let the name deceive you. These guys do more than spray for bugs. They are the reason my front lawn is no longer an embarrassment. Just ask my neighbors.

If you are spending money for a lawn service and your eyes don't light up when you arrive home, it's time to make a change. Give Evan and his team a call today! You won't regret it.

Brenda P.

Feb 2017

Evan takes care of our yard every year, his weed control plan make our yard beautiful and maintenance a breeze.

Johnny V.

Mar 2017


Kim G.

Feb 2017

Early this year we had a huge flea infestation. Called the militia and got outside and inside treated. Said they will probably have to come back and retreat. Nope, no fleas at all a week after first treatment. Now have mole/gopher problem right now and getting treatment scheduled. Was extremely satisfied the first time and I'm positive this treatment will have the same results.

Chris K

Dec 2016

Okc mosquito militia is the best in the business when it comes to organic pest control and spraying for mosquitoes and cuts no corners. Would I refer them to a friend yes!

Michael Ward

January 5, 2016

OKC Mosquito Militia arrived on time and were very professional. As a nanny of a special needs child and a house full of fur babies, I needed something safe and effective. The organic formula is completely safe and I have never experienced a product as effective as this. Thank you OKC Mosquito Militia for giving us a pest free home and yard for all of us to enjoy! I highly recommend you to all of my friends!

Alisha LeClair

January 3, 2016

If you are looking for a professional pest control company that guarantees their work and can do it using organic products that won't harm you or your family then look no further. Okc mosquito militia is the best in the business when it comes to organic pest control and we cut no corners. I personally guinea pig my house and land with all products so as to know what works and what doesn't. We own 120 acres of paradise with a variety of farm animals. With this brings many different types of pest so we get many opportunities to try new approaches and monitor progress on a daily basis therefore when we offer a type of treatment we know the results you are getting. Not to mention over 500 customers in the Okc metro that enjoy these benefits year around.

Evan Brown

January 2, 2016

Very prompt, thorough, organic pest treatment was important to me, caught nests of brown recluse I didn't know existed. Very satisfied.

Bryan Hurlbut

January 2, 2016

Mosquito Militia is very knowledgeable in the use of organics to control pests. They were personable and professional. Mosquito Militia arrived as scheduled, and didn't require my presence. Their service to our 2.5 acres was very cost effective. Doing it myself would have cost me 4 times as much and a 3 day weekend. We continue to use Mosquito Militia without disappointment.

Robert Ward

January 2, 2016

OKC Mosquito Milita is by far the best pest control company I have used. We live on land and have lots of critters.. They are extremely thorough and pay close attention to detail. We had an ant problem and they went above and beyond to get it taken care of! Excellent customer service! I highly recommend them!!

Willy Hicks

January 2016

This past summer we used OKC Mosquito Militia to hang out on the patio without worrying about mosquitoes or bugs. Their customer service was exceptional! They were professional in every way, and we absolutely LOVE being able to sit outside without getting bit by bugs!

Julius Adkins

January 2016

These guys are awesome. This last summer was amazing not having to deal with the bites and the yard has never looked better. Thanks!!!!!!

Zachary Newman

January 2016

You guys do great work, very polite and thorough. I would highly recommend.
Thanks again!

Josh D

January 2016

Very professional. Gets the job done just all around amazing.

Colt Gladding

January 2016

The service that we received was phenomenal! We had a pretty bad ant problem. Evan came in and sprayed and laid bait inside and outside our house. Within a few days, our ant problem was gone! He did an awesome job, and I would definitely recommend his services to ANYONE that has any sort of pest problem.

Becky Keith

September 2015

We love listening to music on our porch at night, but weren't able to earlier this summer because of the Mosquitos. I decided to try MM. The same night after they sprayed, we went outside and were completely mosquito free! We have continued spraying every 21 days and have not had a single mosquito this summer. You can literally walk two houses down and get eaten alive. We have also not had any wasps, grasshoppers and hardly even any flies. It seems to help with multiple insects. This stuff is for real!! They are such a nice locally owned company.

Jaime Taylor

August 2015

No more Mosquitoes!! Organic spray won't harm me or my pets. Killed all my Spiders, Ticks, Fleas, and Mosquitoes with just one spray. They are the best.

Brad K

March, 2015



Okc Mosquito Militia sprayed my yard and now I have them coming to spray my yard again starting in March to get started for the new year this year. I set each appointment when I call him so that we are already on schedule for the same day same time. And when they come and spray and and leave they put a door hanger on the door to let me know they have been to my house and the treatment has been done. I am extremely satisfied with their product as it is organic, and my dogs go outside after the alotted time to give it to dry, and everything is good. I am allergic to mosquitos, so my time outside is very limited. NOW, it is not. I highly recommend them to all of my friends and family.

Kinna Corr

Feb 2015

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