Will Common Pesticides Treat Your Scorpion Problem?

Scorpion and pest control in Edmond, OK

There are five species of scorpions that inhabit Oklahoma, none of which are considered dangerously poisonous. These primarily nocturnal creatures grow up to four inches in length and can pack a painful sting. Though they are associated with dry land, they need moisture and can be attracted to sources of water in or around your home, especially during the summer months.

Scorpions will typically hide in dark, secluded spaces such as the attic or crawlspace but they may enter your home and take temporary shelter under furniture, in shoes or other hidden areas. Similar to bee sting hypersensitivities, one may be allergic to the sting of a scorpion, which can cause complications in addition to the surprise and pain of a sting.

Scorpions typically do not react to common pesticides like other pests do, and killing them or averting them from your home can be difficult. To effectively remove scorpions from your home or business in the Edmond, OK, area call OKC Mosquito Militia. We can treat current infestations and spray to prevent scorpions, spiders, insects and other pests from entering your home.