Do Bees Pose a Threat Bigger Than the Sting?

Bee removal and extermination services in Edmond, OK

Worker honey bees can fly up to six miles from their hive when foraging, so seeing a few bees buzzing around your back yard is common, even if there isn’t a colony near your property. Unless you or a family member is allergic to bee stings, their presence isn’t usually something to be alarmed about. However, when they become a nuisance with stinging or swarming, you will want to have them removed or exterminated by a professional.

Bees will settle wherever they feel is safe, which sometimes includes the dark, inaccessible spaces behind walls. Such swarms will damage your drywall as they may remove portions or bore holes to accommodate hive expansion or exits. Once the bees become established in your home, they will start producing impressive amounts of honey, which can cause extensive damage.

To remove bees and to prevent them from ever settling in your home in the Edmond, OK, area, rely on OKC Mosquito Militia. Call today to have a licensed professional spray for bees, mosquitoes and other flying insects in Edmond, Oklahoma.